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BUTCHIE BAR makes stringing a BIGSBY® as easy and fast as a stop tailpiece

Makes Stringing Simple and Efficient

Easy to Install

Doesn't Interfere With A Guitar's Look

Doesn't Affect Tone

Machined From Solid Brass

Available in Gold or Chrome Finishes

Butchie Bar Chrome B


The BUTCHIE BAR is a nifty stringing attachment for BIGSBY® vibrato tailpieces that makes stringing easier for everyone. Whether you’re a virtuoso guitar maven or a beginner, the BUTCHIE BAR is simplicity itself.


Just choose the right fit (US or METRIC), follow the step-by-step instructions included to install, string your vibrato, and go. No tools required. No awkward add-on look. No change in tone. Just easy, fast stringing so you can have more play time.

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