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Our story begins with a 3-legged black cat named Butch, a secondhand electric guitar, and an engineer.

Picture this: Song is rockin', words are coming easy, the Muse of Music is at her best. Butch the cat seems to like the piece. Then, calamity: a string snaps right in the middle of the perfect bridge. All is lost as the engineer, a self-admitted music geek, begins the tedious and time-consuming process of restringing aforementioned secondhand guitar outfitted with a BIGSBY® vibrato tailpiece.

During the (long and painful) process of prebending and routing guitar strings through impossibly small spaces, the Muse of Music got impatient and cut out sulking, taking Butch the cat with her. Hours of playing were lost, not to mention the frustration that comes from struggling with broken guitar strings. There had to be a better way. He was
an engineer, after all…with a 3-legged cat and an impatient Muse.


It was then that the Muse sauntered back into the room, turned her attention to problem-solving the restringing conundrum, and hit the engineer upside the head with a thunderbolt of inspiration. Why not simplify the entire restringing process in a way that wouldn’t affect form or function? Thus, the BUTCHIE BAR was born. Named after Butch, the engineer’s erstwhile 3-legged feline companion of 22.95 years, the BUTCHIE BAR is designed to make restringing practically effortless. No more interruptions, awkward silences, or sulky Muses. 

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